Recorded Webinar: Mobile Shoppers Want Inspiration Not Frustration

New Product Discovery Best Practices Influenced by Tinder, Pinterest & Instagram

As consumers move to do more of their shopping via mobile devices, mobile retail shortcomings are becoming abundantly clear. Shoppers are forced to use text and menu-driven experiences designed for the desktop rather than highly visually-driven experiences being developed and proven by the clear winners in the mobile space; Pinterest, Tinder and other top consumer sites and apps.
The result? Unsatisfied shoppers, low conversion rates, and high bounce rates.

Watch to learn:

  • Emerging mobile experience best practices drawn from usability experts, consumer studies, and leading non-retail websites and apps 
  • How to apply the science behind the success of Tinder, Pinterest and Instagram to retail experiences 
  • How Urban Decay increased conversion 150% on mobile using visual shopping